Our Story

The Story of Western Range

We do things a little differently on the range. Maybe it’s all of the fresh air or the wide open spaces but something about the West changes a person. You just can’t shake the allure of the rushing rivers, majestic wildlife, and the views that seem to go on forever.  It’s a place unlike any other. 

We may live in the back of beyond but we still know how to dress up…it’s just that we do it on our terms.  We take a western approach to classic clothing.

Our designs are influenced by our surroundings.  Vibrant wildflowers, deep multi-hued lakes, and brilliant sunsets provide inspiration for our pallet.  A distinct sense of place infuses our brand.

Whether you’re celebrating a wedding in the Tetons, partying on the Plains, or heading back east for a black tie affair, you can take a little piece of the range with you. 


Welcome To The Herd
Spencer Hirst and Ben Agee